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“Something better starts here” with OPAP’s Corporate Responsibility Program

OPAP presents its integrated strategy for Corporate Responsibility, whose main message is “Something better starts here”. At a time when social needs are more pressing than ever, OPAP has an active role and creates value for Greek society. It focuses on initiatives that improve the daily lives of citizens, implements projects that support real needs of young people and contributes to social progress. At the epicenter of its strategy, which rests on three pillars: Health, Sport and Employment, are children and young people; the most valuable asset of Greek society.

The President and CEO of OPAP, Mr. Kamil Ziegler characteristically stated: “OPAP is an integral cell of Greek society and the economy. With a presence of 58 years, it has proven to be more than just a social contributor. It is a responsible partner of Greek society for the achievement of common objectives. Envisioning a better future for the new generation, we have an active role, especially within this difficult period, and we undertake important initiatives that promote health and real sporting values and support employment”.

Setting as a priority the health of children in April 2014, OPAP undertook the renovation of hospitals "Aghia Sophia" and "Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriacou”. The initiative aims to reshape the environment of both specialized public hospitals, which serve the needs of children from all over Greece, to provide health services of the finest quality. In November 2015, OPAP delivered the first two, fully renovated floors in the Children's Hospitals, and renovation works continue.

By supporting in children, OPAP invests in the future of sport itself. Since 2014 implements the innovative "OPAP Sports Academies" program which develops youth sports in an integrated and versatile manner. The program aims to upgrade the standards of sports education in Greece, highlighting the educational and recreational role of sport and to instill in young people the principles of fair play, respect and teamwork. The program supports 125 amateur academies throughout the country and stands beside 10,400 young athletes, while it enhances technical training for 450 academy coaches and offers advice, guidance and support to 20,000 parents.

Through an integrated program for employment, OPAP supports entrepreneurship, remaining faithful to its strategic direction to create value for Greek society and the economy. The mission of the program is to select and provide integrated support to developing small and medium size enterprises, which form the backbone of the economy, in order for their growth to create new jobs and thus strengthen the Greek market.

OPAP is there, stronger as always with its commitment for corporate responsibility with the message “Something better starts here” OPAP showcases its entire significant contribution to Greek society, it stresses that the start is everything so that everyone can progress in implementing their goals and at the same times it proves that for every beginning OPAP makes its inspiration is the smiles of young people.