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"Preventive health examinations" Program

Prevention saves lives and it is our own responsibility. In Greece, we subconsciously match prevention to the annual medical check-up. The diagnostic checkup may be very helpful, mostly when it is programmed and in accordance to our personal health profile, but it should always be accompanied by the adoption of healthy habits.

OPAP, having acknowledged the need for health protection, has instigated for the past 2 years, along with The Smile of the Child, a Medical Prevention program. The program offers free medical examination to adults and children and it is being implemented in collaboration with local Medical and Dental Associations and public carriers.

In the framework of this specific initiative the mobile health clinic “IPPOCRATES”, the Preventive Dental and Medical Health Mobile Unit, the Preventive Ophthalmological Mobile Unit and the New Children’s Polyclinic by the "Smile of the Child", will visit various areas across Greece to offer a series of preventive examinations.

The Preventive Medical Health initiative is part of the Corporate Responsibility program “OPAP in the Neighborhood”, which aims to correspond to significant local community needs through preventive health-checks.


Our results from the beginning of the program till today


locations across Greece

participants examined

November Program

During November the Mobile Medical Units of the program will visit


Municipality of Sparti

When: 2nd of November till 6th of November

  • 2nd of November – Municipal district of Gkoritsa
  • 3rd of November – Municipal district of Kastorio
  • 4th & 5th of November – Municipal district of Xirokampi
  • 6th of November - Municipal district of Sellasia

Where: Central Squares of each Municipal District

Phone appointment number: 27313 61231