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Meet the participating SMEs

Up until now, our program supports a network of 81 companies from all over Greece that are active in various sectors of Greek economy

Companies that participate in the 6th phase of the program

AgroApps designs, develops, and delivers state-of-the-art digital solutions tailored for the agri-food sector. By blending state-of-the-art technology with deep scientific insight and extensive experience, we empower farmers and other industry stakeholders to understand the fields in ways that were not possible before and respond more effectively to today's ever-evolving challenges.

Archeiothiki is one of the leading Information & Data Management Services Companies in Greece. It has a digital transformation platform with solutions and services for digital and physical document management, information, and data logistics, as well as the largest In-House Specialized Artificial Intelligence Team in Greece, developing tailor made AI solutions in the field of information management.

Callista Crafts produces luxury leather goods and accessories for women and men. The company employs a total of 55 people, 25 of which in the workshop. Their collections are currently sold
 in 50 prestigious boutiques and retailers worldwide, while they are expanding into ready-to-wear and home-wear categories.

Dadakarides Salt S.A. is a private, family owned company that specializes in salt processing and distribution, founded back in 1912. Their 24.000 m2 factory includes a three-stage (drying - storage -packaging) processing, state-of-the-art high-capacity line able to reach an annual production of 100.000 tons, producing B2B products for every need.

Fresh Line is a natural cosmetics company dedicated to harnessing the power of nature. Established in 1992 in Greece, it has expanded to a network of 14 international markets, boasting 500+ Points of Sale, including mono shops, corners in department stores, pharmacies & online.

"Goumenisses” supply thousands of retail food stores, the biggest supermarket chains in Greece and they export in Europe and Asia, dozens of handmade products: sauces, chutneys, spreads, various sugar free products and dozens of other delicacies unique to Greece.

Ideal bicycles are assembled in Patras, by N. MANIATOPOULOS S.A., the oldest and largest bicycle company in Greece. The company employs more than 100 people, assembles bicycles and commercial brands from abroad, and exports to over 10 countries.

KYKNOS is the first Cannery in Greece, and today marks 108 years since the first KYKNOS canned product made its appearance. Today, its products are placed in almost all food retail points across the country and are the first choice of thousands of households worldwide.

NUTREE was founded in 2018 and is one of the most innovative healthy snacks producing brands in Greece, currently specializing in raw energy bars, protein bars and healthy organic kids’ snacks. Their vision is to integrate healthy snacks in everyone’s daily routines.

Prigipo is one of the most recognizable Greek jewelry brands. It’s concept store is located in central Athens, but they have built a collaboration network which brings the brand in 50+ locations around Greece, as well as Germany, Austria and Cyprus.

SKAG is active in the production of stationery and filling products in Greece and is exporting to Europe and the Middle East, since 1990.

Softweb is an innovative IT company specializing in software development and providing services for businesses in the field of New Technologies (Web and Mobile). It offers a wide range of product solutions, while also being able to provide customized business solutions aimed at the digital transformation of each company.

Unismack SA is a Greek food technology company that specialises in the research and development of “better-for-you” products of high nutritional value. It produces and distributes snacks, crackers and pretzels that are made from natural materials such as flour from legumes and vegetables, seeds and other ingredients.

   Companies that participate in the 5th phase of the program

Founded in 2000, the Greek food manufacturing company ARI is a purely exports company that specializes in the preparation of "Antipasti", with the main raw materials being green olives from Halkidiki, peppers and various cheese products, that reach consumers in more than 25 European countries.

Biologiko Xorio has been operating in the field of organic products since 2008 and it is considered as the largest Greek chain of organic stores in Greece, with 26 stores in Attica, Patra, Larisa and a rapidly developing e-shop. Our vision is to be “top of mind” destination for a healthy way of life.

Founded in 2016, Dirty Laundry aims to design and create unique clothing and accessories based on sustainability and the beauty of simplicity, comfort and quality, available in 9 locations.

Fitness Meals is the first meal preparation business in Greece based on the subscription model, and has technology and data utilization at its core.

Mailo's The Pasta Project was created in 2019 as an alternative & innovative concept that combines fresh pasta with street food culture, and is one of the fastest growing chains with 30 stores in Greece & Cyprus.

Mediterra is a production and distribution company of mastic products, based in Chios, which combines commercial and production activities with the most prominent being the establishment and management of mastihashops. At the same time, it is the distributor of the brands ELMA, Art of Nature, Enosis & Kentos. is a pioneer online pharmacy based in Sparta, offering over 20,000 products at unbeatable prices and with immediate delivery throughout Greece.

Vezyroglou Farm, in a vertical unit, produces leafy vegetables with specialization in baby leafy vegetables. It has greenhouses and open fields for production, as well as modern packaging and standardization facilities, and distributes its products through retail and wholesale.

Provil is a Greek company that produces ingredients and supplements for the food industry, mass catering, gastronomy and for meat retail business. For more than 25 years, they have been the trusted partner of both food production companies and professionals of gastronomy and organized catering in Greece and abroad, with our name being synonymous to know-how, quality, continuous development and reliability.

Simply Burgers Restaurants is a 12-location fast casual restaurant chain operating in Greece since 2003. The Company has been actively defining the “quality burger” and “premium delivery” market in the greater Athens area and currently serves over 1 million meals a year mostly via its specialized delivery service.

   Companies that participate in the 4th phase of the program

Vitex is the most established paint company in Greece and the fastest growing in the Balkans. The strong bond of our distribution network partners with the VITEX brand, has been based, since our inception, on our non-negotiable quality, the high level of know-how, our customer-centric approach and the application of socially responsible business practices.

The object of the company is the production, standardization and distribution of mustard products, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, salads, etc. both retail and catering professionals. The company also has nuts, dried fruits and vegetable cheeses.

Anna Maria Mazaraki has gone through a long journey of creating jewelry, always keeping true to this operating philosophy. Today it has evolved into a contemporary lifestyle jewelry brand, with stores throughout Greece and Cyprus. With 23 stores in Greece, Anna Maria Mazaraki develops affordable luxury jewelry since 1995.

VIOZOKAT SA was established in 1966 and it is one of the largest and most modern feed industries in the Balkan region. Viozokat’s developing new series of innovative mixtures of concentrated feed and nutrition additives for ruminants and egg-producing hens.

Palaplast is one of the most dynamic plastic pipe and fittings industry. Production activity begins in a machine shop of 50m2 by the Palatiana brothers, manufacturing molds for plastic. Presently, Palaplast produces plastic pipes and fittings for irrigation and has expanded in to the sectors of water supply, heating and protection of fiber optic cables.

Founded in 1969, a company that is distinguished in the field of disposable plastics. They’re a specialized group of people confronting with passion & social awareness, to offer high quality products that meet international safety standards. They’re following the latest trends in the plastics industry with mechanical equipment at the cutting edge of technology and with the largest in its kind machines in the world.

The company was founded in 1959, taking advantage of the occasional rise of technology, always equipped with the most advanced textile machines, crossovers, and press machines and the know-how of experienced human resources. Our company can produce a wide range of products on the market. The headquarters of Valis Textiles S.A. is in a privately-owned space in the area of Moschato, Attica. It is properly designed to provide you with the opportunity to get to know us and our products better. We specialize in military belts, pendants, aortas, cartridges, special type backpacks, Berkin. We also have an extensive production unit tresses, curtain rods, laces, elastic bands, bags, isotherms, backpacks in a wide variety of colors and designs. The high quality of the products is ensured by experienced and trained human resources that faithfully and consciously apply the ISO 9001:2000 (TUV) system.

Kalos TFM is a family owned, Greek-based company, that manufactures and sells women and men cloths. Due to COVID-19 crisis they altered their production processes and they produce also fabric masks.

Nickan is a Team a Family with strong presence of sports, advertising and corporate gifts. The company is committed towards the customer and ensures their full satisfaction. For the past 10 years, Nickan continues with the same quality and high quality service. During the COVID-19 outbreak the company started to produce and offer a vast selection of fabric masks.

   Companies that participate in the 3rd phase of the program

AGRINO – EY.GE. PISTIOLAS S.A. is the leading company in Greece in the rice and legumes category. The company is a worldwide pioneer, having introduced the principle of Good Agricultural Practice on all domestically produced products. Agrino is also the only company that puts the name of the growers and the cultivation area on each product.

Since 1985, EUROCHARTIKI is specialized in paper tissue treatment and liquid detergents production, with the aim of total customer satisfaction through quality, safe, and value for money products.

Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti, with a dynamic 30-year course in the Greek business sector as well as a growing and vigorous exports activity in 35 countries, is the biggest independent Greek brewery. The company’s product portfolio includes.

ALTEX S.A. is a family-owned European fashion retailer that designs, produces and distributes fashion products with a distinctive character. The company’s portfolio consists of three brands: Funky Buddha, Garage Fifty Five & Second Skin all of which offer dynamic, comfortable, uplifting and expressive lifestyle clothes for men, women and kids. ALTEX S.A. operates 42 Funky Buddha stores in Greece and Cyprus, its products are also sold through an extensive network of multi-brand boutiques in Greece and Germany and is also present at the biggest fashion marketplaces in Europe, being presented to over 16 countries.

Koronakis is a leading company in the manufacturing of ropes and wire ropes worldwide. Driven by a spirit of innovation in both management and product development the company is serving the needs of the Shipping, Oil & Gas, Drilling & Towing, Yachting & Sailing and Fishing & Aquaculture Industries with products that are globally recognized for their top quality and technical performance.

Kostarelos Dairy, since three generations now, has been established for its exquisite cheeses and dairy products, which produces with Greek, fresh milk as the basic raw material. Kostarelos Business evolves constantly with new ideas and the authentic tastes are being enriched according to superiority of taste, quality and innovation, providing Greek products the "position" they deserve.

Milkplan is a 100% Greek company operating in the field of manufacturing and marketing of livestock equipment, milk transportation and cooling tanks, cooling systems and technological applications for livestock units. It holds a leading position in Greece and ranks among the biggest companies in the international market of livestock equipment, with its export network expanding to more than 85 countries worldwide and its export rate reaching 80% of its turnover.

Since 2014, OK! Anytime Markets has managed to create an organised network of convenience stores, in the form of mini super market, that operate daily, including weekends, from 08.00 to 23.00.

ZAKCRET SA is a Greek Sports Retail chain, founded in 1975. Today the company owns 19 retail shops (17 Zakcret Sports and 2 Sneaker CAGE) and 4 e-shops ( , , and, while employing over 300 people.

   Companies that participate in the 2nd phase of the program

AGAN Single- Member Company Ltd. is an agricultural high-tech enterprise that uses the method of hydroponics to produce tomatoes.

Bioagros is one of the biggest companies in the sector of processing and trading organic products in Greece with more than 1000 customers in Greece, cooperation with all national market chains and organic shops nationwide and exports to more than 12 countries.

Since 1999, with more than 400 stores, Coffee island gives coffee lovers the opportunity to enjoy a great range of specialty coffee, as well as offering knowledge and equipment needed to prepare an excellent quality coffee at home.

COLORS is a smart boutique hotel chain in Athens and Thessaloniki, specializing in small hotels up to 70 beds.

DIOPAS SA is a company specializing in net and its applications.

eazybnb offers unique accommodation experiences to guests and helps property owners & real estate investors to earn a hassle-free income. is an online grocery retailer with more than 15,000 products and offers available.

EPSA, located in Agria Volos, produces soft drinks since 1924 and exports to 28 countries around the world. WWW.EPSA.GR

Green family S.A. is the only company in Greece with vertical integration which activates and innovates at the area of organic products with eight sales points (in Thessaloniki, Larisa & Xanthi) promoting healthy eating. www.greenfamily.g

inart maintains a strong presence in the field of interior and exterior decoration, with activity both in Greece and in 42 foreign countries.

IONIKI was established in Northern Greece in 1994 and is one of the most important vertically organized producers of frozen dough and pastry products in the Greek market.

Makedoniki Chalvatzis SA has been consistently providing the market with the outstanding products of the Greek countryside, with care and safety, at the table of every Greek family since 1972.

Macpac SA is a sister company of Prepac SA, a well-known distributor in the packaging sector, specializing in the production of a wide range of disposable plastic articles for foodstuff, since 1983.

MANDREKAS S.A is a family owned dairy company since 1954.

Manifest is a leading facility management company providing business-to-business services for the management of large-scale and high-end facilities.

Medbest s.a. was established in 1996 with the objective to create and offer a complete line of authentic Greek Specialty Food products to the international consumer that seeks high quality, originality, innovation, value and exquisite flavors.

PAPOUTSANIS is considered to be one of the largest manufacturers of bar soap and hotel amenities in Europe and the sole one in Greece.

A. Pitenis Bros SA is a Food production company which specializes in the production of gourmet and innovative appetizer food products and more specifically traditional Greek dips, salads & dressings with Saffron, fish & shellfish in oil - smoked, Cheese Stuffed Antipasti, etc.

Pelopac was founded in 1993 and its main activity is the production and exporting of high quality food products.

Η Terra Creta is one of the most dynamic producers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a vertical organization from the olive grove to the shel.

Pobuca is a leading provider of CRM solutions, specialized in consumer goods, retail and telco industries.

  Companies that participate in the 1st phase of the program

Alvion Pharmaceuticals, a diversified pharmaceutical company, providing innovative solutions focusing on generic pharmaceutical products.

Anassa Organics selects the finest quality Greek products of organic farming and creates exceptional organic teas, infusions, and tisanes.

Bläuel is one of the major producers of organic extra virgin olive oil in the Mani region of the Peloponnese.

Cream Team is a manufacturer and retailer of cosmetic beauty products with a range of more than 10.000 product codes which are distributed through the Dust+Cream retail stores.

DIVING STATUS Underwater Services operates in the shipping industry offering underwater inspection, maintenance and repair services for ships.

Doctoranytime is an online platform that offers users the ability to find the doctor they are looking for and book an appointment online.

Madame Shoushou is a Greek fashion brand for clothes, swimwear, wedding dresses and tailor made creations for women.

Nannuka is the first online service that helps parents find and review childcare providers and businesses for children’s care, education, creative play and entertainment.

NanoPhos a nanotechnology company that develops formulations to add functionality and boost energy efficiency in buildings and construction projects.

Plexearth is an innovative SaaS tool that connects Autocad with Google Earth and the real world.

Pockee is an application that offers consumers coupons redeemable through smartphone for supermarket products in Greece.

Provertia produces, processes, packages and standardizes dairy products in Alexandroupoli.

Radiki is a company that promotes quality Greek fruits and produce.

Roussas Dairy is a family company founded in 1952 that has remained primarily dedicated to feta cheese production . The company exports over 90% of its annual production worldwide.

Tsililis was the first distillery to bottle tsipouro. During the last decade the winery -distillery aims to meet the needs of Greek and international consumers with new ranges of grape products created by combining traditional values with modern practices.

Hatziyannakis is a family business that produces innovative, high quality dragées.

Nissos beers are the product of a small scale microbrewery located on the island of Tinos. They are produced by carefully selected raw materials and are rich in taste, aroma and body.

Spotawheel uses technology to reinvent the used car market offering transparency, ease and fair pricing.

Evrofarma is an innovative Greek dairy company and in combination with Campus it is one of the largest farming companies in Greece.