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OPAP Wishing Ornaments
Thank you for your heartwarming participation in the social responsibility initiative “Wishing Ornaments”. Together we fulfilled 4,444 children wishes and offered smiles to children in real need that are supported by the member-organizations of the “Together for Children” Association and “SOS Children’s Villages”.
OPAP continues its effort to substantially improve the quality of life and living conditions for underprivileged children through the “Wishing Ornaments” initiative and proceeds to the implementation of infrastructure projects to the supported entities. The projects that retain to construction works and modernization of services and facilities, are the following:

SOS Children’s Villages
• Construction of playground and sport events playing field in Cretan SOS Children Village
• Heat insulation in three houses of the Plagiari SOS Children Village in Thessaloniki

• Substitution of worn out classroom floor, placement of 3 canopies for the protection of exterior areas, supply and substitution of glass windows as well as renovation of the Kindergarten rooftop in the facilities of “Friends of the Child” non-profit association
• replacement of floors in “Papastrateio” institution Children House
• Replacement of seats, tables and footrests in the four units of the “Hatzipaterion” Foundation Rehabilitation Centre for Children. These specific seats cover the specialized needs of children, aged 5 to 8 years old that have kinetic disabilities. Their special set-up helps in the correction of deviations to children with significant torso weakness, while they improve children functionalities since they facilitate the use of their hands.
• Substitution of window and door frames in the laboratory facilities of the “Friends of Theotokos” organization
• Supply of Computers and heaters in the “Together for Children” Association’s head offices