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Together we share Christmas magic with children in real need!

OPAP gave a smile, this year as well, to thousands of children supported by SOS Children’s Villages, Love Center of Elefsina and Hatzikyriakio Childcare Institution, through the Wishing Ornaments initiative, implemented for the fourth year in a row. In particular, 5,112 Christmas wishes came to life with the contribution of thousands of citizens from all around Greece, who embraced our CSR activation and rushed to bring joy to the children.

This great and lively celebration of offering and love continues with the implementation of infrastructure works to the bodies and institutions participating in the program, aiming at the essential improvement of the quality of life of the children. All those who used the free app "OPAP Contribution Squad" also played a part in the implementation of the new works. Thousands supporters of OPAP's initiative downloaded the app to their mobile phones or tablets, and participated in the Christmas games, collecting points that OPAP turns to infrastructure works. In particular, the works that will be implemented by OPAP in 2018 are:

  • renovation of basketball court at the Plagiari SOS Children's Village in Alexandroupoli;
  • thermal insulation at Thrace SOS Children's Village;
  • repair of the "Efstratio Spoudastirio" at the Hatzikyriakio Childcare Institution, where all events and celebrations of the institution take place;
  • renovation of the kitchen of the Love Center of Elefsina, to better serve the needs of the children that are catered for there on a daily basis.

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OPAP continues improving the quality of life for children in real need, by carrying out infrastructure works for the bodies that support them. Since 2014, through the “Wishing Ornaments” initiative, OPAP has carried out 22 projects and, this year, it invites us all to be part of this effort. Download the “Contribution Squad OPAP” app, play the Christmas challenges and gather as many points as you can. OPAP will turn these points into infrastructure works for “SOS Children's Villages Greece”, “Hatzikyriakio Childcare Institution” and “Love Center of Elefsina” that participate in this year’s “Wishing Ornaments”.

OPAP’s “Wishing Ornaments”, sharing Christmas smiles since 2014

OPAP stands by the side of the Greek society and takes on an active role within the framework of creating a better tomorrow for the country and, especially, for the younger generation. As a complement to the significant actions that it has undertaken for the improvement of the quality of life of the younger generation, it has also taken on the initiative to give kids a smile every Christmas. As of 2014, it has been supporting institutions that house or support children in real need all around Greece, through the Wishing Ornaments initiative. This action aims at making us all part of a bigger effort, through the fulfillment of simple children's wishes. At the same time, OPAP has been implementing infrastructure works to the institutions that support children in real need, so as to improve their quality of life.

OPAP's initiative, embraced by thousands of our fellow citizens in the previous years, has given to-date 14,786 children smiles, by making their wishes come true, resulting in the implementation of 26 infrastructure works to the participating bodies all over Greece.