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Business Growth Program

Welcome to OPAP’s Program on Employment

“Business Growth by OPAP” program is designed to offer a unique opportunity to fast growing Small Medium Businesses, to develop reaching their full potential while generating new job positions. OPAP’s vision is to revitalize the Greek market and create better prospects for future generations.

For the implementation of this program OPAP will collaborate with the global non-profit organization Endeavor. Endeavor supports the most promising companies worldwide helping them unleash their full potential through a unique network of seasoned business leaders. With Endeavor’s support, the selected companies will be able to grow fast create jobs and contribute to the growth of the economy as a whole.

Fast growing SMEs

Fast growing SMEs are vital to our economy and society. With Greece’s current high unemployment rates, supporting the growth the growth of these companies will help create new jobs, spur innovation and restore the Greek market and economy. OPAP’s program promotes the significant role of SMEs, empowering them through the model: Company Support – Growth – Job Creation – Revitalization of the Greek market.


Program description

The companies that will join the program will gain access to useful data and information as well as to a powerful business network that will allow them to grow further by overcoming challenges and difficulties in order to develop into successful and large enterprises that innovate, export, disrupt their sectors and, consequently, create new job positions.

The program’s specific pillars of support are the following:

mentorsStrategic guidance
Integrated strategic guidance is key to a company’s growth. Based on this premise, OPAP offers the participating companies the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss their challenges and needs with a group of successful entrepreneurs and top executives who have experienced similar challenges in the past, have successfully managed to grow their business, resulting in value creation for the economy and society. Through a series of workshops and meetings, these experienced and successful entrepreneurs will offer guidance in fundamental business areas such as business strategy, operations, financial management, human resources management, marketing and sales, branding and communications.
financeAccess to investments and other financial instruments

The participating companies will gain access to a network of investors and, in collaboration with a leading Greek bank, they will have the opportunity to investigate their investment and debt options.

globeInternational market prospects

Through access to experienced market executives, the program will help entrepreneurs interested in international expansion get valuable insights on their target markets in order to build a solid strategic expansion plan.


Selection criteria

Company selection will be based on predefined quantitative and qualitative criteria regarding both the entrepreneur and the company.


Α. Business

The program is sector agnostic. Emphasis will be placed however on sectors in which Greece has a competitive advantage such as tourism, agriculture, food & beverages and fast growing sectors such as technology.
Participants should have an annual turnover between EUR 100,000 and 50 million and up to 250 employees.
ideasInnovation & Business model
The term “innovative” defines business models that lead to ground breaking and enhanced products and services with the potential to disrupt their sectors in Greece and abroad, leading to a strong competitive advantage. Innovative business models have become a catalyst of growth for many SMEs both in Greece and worldwide consequently leading to higher employment rates.
progressGrowth potential
The potential to increase revenues and create jobs is assessed based on the company’s track record, its market size, its competition and exportability. It is also based on its ability to create a multiplier effect in employment, as that translates in the creation of indirect jobs and the impact it can have in the geographical area in which it operates and the country overall.

Β. Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurs must demonstrate vision, energy and passion paired with experience and persistence for the development a successful company. Other important consideration factors are: commitment to the business, a solid team in place, integrity, strong business ethics and openness to feedback. The entrepreneur should be a role model, a source of inspiration to others and actively engaged in the country’s business community.


Selection process

The application process has been completed. More specifically, all interested entrepreneurs could submit their application from Thursday 29th of September [initiation time – 9:00 am] until Friday, November 4th [expiration time – 12:00 am].



The application process has been completed on the 4th of November [expiration time – 12:00 am]. For any further clarifications or information you can communicate with Endeavor Greece at 210 3624812 (Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 19:00) or via email at