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The Adolescent Health Unit (A.H.U.) of the Second Dpt of Pediatrics - University of Athens, addressing the needs of youth 11-18 years of age.

An A.H.U. covers needs regarding overweight and obese teenagers, in order to control weight, eating disorders, growth issues, thyroid gland dysfunction, other endocrinological issues, gynecological issues, psychological issues, family dysfunction, learning disorders, school phobia, internet addiction, sexual education-contraception etc. Since February 2013, A.H.U. has been operated as a Medical-Pedagogical Center of the Ministry of Health.

The M.E.Y. is a model structure for the organization of health services related to adolescence where scientists, with significant knowledge and experience in Adolescent Medicine, participate in the numerous special departments of M.E.Y.

Nutrimed has been active since 1996 in the field of nutrition and dietetics and deals with the information and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

In the context of professional support, Nutrimed’ s core areas of activity include:

  • The scientific supervision of actions in order to validly inform the consumer public on issues related to a balanced diet
  • The scientific support and the promotion of the properties of the nutrients of food, as well as the design of new products
  • The creation of communication channels with health scientists (dietitians, doctors) in order to inform them about the nutritional value of products
  • Dietary counseling: nutrition assessment, training and / or employee support services

Kostas Tsanas is the head coach of OPAP Sports academies program at the football sector and Technical director of AEK FC academies under 18.

He has a 15 years experience as a professional football player of the 1st and 2nd Greek national league and the last 20 years he has been a coach.

Among others, he was head coach of the National Youth Team, assistant coach and head coach of the Men's National Team and Head of Grassroots of the Hellenic Football Federation.

Michalis Kiritsis is the head coach of the OPAP sports academies program at the basket sector and President of the association of former basketball players in Greece.
He was a professional player of Panathinaikos BC for fourteen years and since 1977 he has been a head coach.

In his long carrier he has coached many teams in Greece and abroad, with Panathinaikos BC, Olympiacos BC, Aris BC, AEK BC, Panionios BC and the Greek university’s National team among them. Michalis kiritsis was also General Manager of ESAKE and PAOK BC.

The Hellenic Basketball Federation (EOK) is the institutional body of the sport in the country, with responsibilities for conducting all the events of National categories and the development of the sport.

With a network of coaches throughout Greece, there is a comprehensive program to monitor athletes from childhood in order to create the "mean" of those who in the coming years will participate in the National teams and will spread the popularity of the sport.

The characterization of basketball as "our national sport", testifies the efficiency of this effort, which never reduced its intensity even with the continuous success in the long run and at all age levels.

The Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) is the only and exclusive authority for the organization, administration, operation and management of Greek football and its representation in Greece and worldwide.

EPO is a legal entity governed by the rules of the Greek legal order and operates in accordance with its statutes and the rules and instructions of the World Football Federation (FIFA), the European Football Association (UEFA) and the Hellenic Olympic Committee (EOE), of which it is also a member.

EPO’s duration is unlimited, its headquarters are in Athens and it organizes the championships of the federal football in all its forms at the national level.