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Growth, increased turnover and new jobs for 49 companies of the first three cycles

 Faithful to its strategy of generating value for the Greek economy and society, OPAP continues - for a fourth consecutive year - its OPAP Forward program, which supports small and medium entrepreneurship and employment. This year, the program welcomes ten new small and medium sized enterprises from productive and extrovert sectors of the Greek economy, which have managed to demonstrate adaptability and dynamism to the new situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic. These companies are: Vitex, Condito, Anna Maria Mazaraki, Viozokat, Palaplast, Vicko, Lariplast, Valis, Kalos and Nickan.

The abovementioned enterprises will follow the fourth cycle of the OPAP Forward program and receive valuable expertise and guidance to address the challenges of our time, grow, increase their turnover and create new jobs. The program, which is implemented in cooperation with non-profit organization Endeavor Greece, has already helped 49 companies to evolve, and created new prospects for the Greek market.

OPAP Acting CEO, Mr. Jan Karas, stated: “OPAP Forward began in 2016 and today is more than an entrepreneurship program. It is a big family of 49 successful small and medium sized companies. At OPAP, we are really proud of the program’s results, as every company has managed to become a success story. Through strategic guidance, consultancy meetings with experts, training courses and contacts with foreign companies and investors, the participant companies have enhanced their position in the domestic and international market and have increased their turnover and workforce”.

OPAP Deputy CEO, Mr. Odysseas Christoforou, stressed: “OPAP Forward is the largest program supporting small and medium sized enterprises. At OPAP, we have invested in this because it helps companies to grow and create new jobs, thus contributing to stimulating employment in Greece. From 2016 to date, the companies participating in the program have increased their turnover by 112 million euros. At the same time, they have created 1,590 new jobs and support 10,700 new indirect jobs”.

OPAP CSR and Public Relations Director, Ms. Georgia Lassanianou, noted: “The program’s mission, which is implemented with the cooperation of Endeavor Greece, is to offer integrated support to developing small and medium sized enterprises - the backbone of the economy - and aid the creation of new jobs. We are very proud of the program’s results so far, as well as the dynamic mixture of participant companies. They are enterprises with a significant multiplier effect on the economy and society that can create a remarkable number of new jobs and operate as role models and a source of inspiration for all”.

On her part, BoD President of Endeavor Greece, Ms. Costantza Sbokou – Constantakopoulou, said: “The OPAP Forward program is the largest program supporting small and medium entrepreneurship and employment in Greece today. Especially in these special circumstances we are living through, the establishment of stronger links among the business community that can be achieved in support programs is needed”.


Integrated support and guidance  

The support provided by the OPAP Forward program to the participant companies includes:

  • Integrated guidance by a network of successful businesspeople and market senior executives
  • Training seminars in areas such as strategy, financial and human resources management, marketing and sales, branding and communication
  • Access to financial tools in cooperation with the National Bank
  • Access to international markets
  • Networking actions both with fellow participants and other businesspeople

Information on the ten new small and medium sized enterprises and the other companies of the OPAP Forward program can be found on OPAP’s CSR webpage.