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Α shop window for “Something Better” at Attica

Greece’s biggest department store supports the renovation of two children hospitals that is carried out by OPAP.

The windows of Attica Department Store in City Link are dressed with “Something Better”, inviting visitors and passersby to contribute to the important renovation works of two children hospitals “Aghia Sofia” and “Panagioti & Aglaia Kyriacou” that OPAP is carrying out since 2014.

Greece’s largest department stores launch a unique promotional activity in their windows at Panepistimiou Str., inviting everyone to download the “Something Better” application, free of charge, on mobile phones or tablet computers, play and support children.

The total amount that OPAP will offer for the renovation of the two children hospitals has reached 2 million euros so far thanks to everyone’s help. 

A digital screen in the Attica store window informs visitors at any time of the amount that has been raised.

Useful information about the “Something Better” application, challenges everyone can participate in, and the work that has already been done at the hospitals, is also provided.

 The application is available free of charge on Play Store and App Store.

For more information you can visit


Renovation program of two children hospitals

OPAP has delivered 8 nursing units so far, of a total area of 5,330 square meters with 191 beds, and has completely changed the two children hospitals “Aghia Sofia” and “Panagioti & Aglaia Kyriacou” image, thus creating a pleasant space for everyone.

 At “Aghia Sofia” hospital, two nursing units on the 5th floor have been renovated, covering a total area of 1,800 square meters and 50 beds capacity. Also, the neonatal intensive care unit with 50 warmers capacity, the 2nd floor A & B Orthopaedics department with 29 bed capacity, the 2nd floor A & B Surgery department with 32 beds capacity, the two 9-floor stairways and the main entrance of the 1st floor, have all been renovated.

At “Panagioti & Aglaia Kyriacou” hospital, the 3rd floor A’ wing nursing unit was renovated covering a total area of 550 square meters and 30 beds capacity. Also the main entrances of ground floor and 1st floor, the main stairway, and the waiting rooms were renovated. The main elevator was replaced.

The hotel and office equipment at both hospitals has been fixed or partly replaced.

Furthermore, both children hospitals were redecorated in order to create an appropriate environment for children that can work therapeutically, in accordance with modern medical concepts.