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OPAP Sports Academies support 128 Amateur Football Clubs all around Greece

Program implemented for third year with the participation of 11,000 children and 700 coaches

In line with its commitment to investing in the future of sports and youth, OPAP is implementing its Corporate Responsibility Program, OPAP Sports Academies, for a third consecutive year.

A total of 128 academies from 49 regions across Greece will benefit from OPAP's comprehensive educational program during the 2017-18 season.

Over 11,000 young athletes and 700 coaches will participate in the program's activities, which include:

  • Scientific support by specialized pediatricians, child psychologists and nutritionists
  • Age-appropriate coaching directions, according to UEFA and FIFA international standards
  • High quality sports gear
  • Insurance coverage during training sessions and games
  • Participation in major sporting festivals with an educational and entertaining character

The parents/chaperons of the young athletes also participate in the program, benefiting from the advice of the program on issues such as psychology, nutrition and first aid.

Two years of OPAP Sports Academies with the participation of 15,100 young athletes

Children and adults from all over Greece have embraced the OPAP Sports Academies program. In the framework of the program to date, 475 training hours and 3,000 hours of scientific seminars for parents, children and coaches have been completed. Moreover, 8,000 footballs, 125 sets of training equipment, 15,100 pairs of shin pads and 3,000 pieces of sportswear for children have been distributed by the academies.

For two years, OPAP Sports Academies have been "traveling" all over Greece and promoting the greatest sporting values in the most enjoyable of ways; fair play, ethos, respect and teamwork. Moreover, the children that participated in the 20 sports festivals organized, had the opportunity to experience the OPAP Sports Academies philosophy and understand the values of sport.

Great interest in OPAP Sports Academies for yet another year

This year, the interest shown in the OPAP Sports Academies is particularly high; a total of 354 amateur football clubs that have academies, applied to participate in the program for the current season. Following an evaluation process, 128 sports academies that met specific quantitative and qualitative criteria, were selected. Sixty six of them participate in the program for the first time.