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Preventive medical examinations for children and adults all over Greece by OPAP and The Smile of the Child organization


OPAP, being committed to creating substantial value for Greek society, undertakes one more significant corporate responsibility initiative. In cooperation with The Smile of the Child organization, the company implements the preventive medicine program OPAP in the Neighborhood, offering free medical examination to adults and children all over Greece with the contribution of local Medical and Dental Associations.


The examinations are carried out in the health mobile multi clinic unit IPPOCRATES, the health mobile unit of Preventive Medicine & Dentistry, and the health mobile unit for Preventive Medicine & Ophthalmology of the Smile of the Child organization. The three units have visited 15 areas in Greece and have offered 4.867 diagnostic checkups to 3.634 individuals, to date.


OPAP Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Officer, Odysseas Christoforou, characteristically stated: “For 60 years, OPAP has been supporting Greek society. This is exactly what we are doing with the new program OPAP in the Neighborhood. We stand by our fellow citizens who are in need, offering thousands of children and adults all over Greece necessary medical examinations free of charge».


OPAP Chief Customer Office, Petr Matejovsky, stressed: “OPAP in the Neighborhood program brings our strategy for Corporate Responsibility to the heart of local communities. In cooperation with The Smile of the Child, the three mobile health units of the program have already begun their journey around Greece and have offered examinations to 3,634 people. And we continue”.


The president of The Smile of the Child organization, Constantinos Giannopoulos, noted: “OPAP’s support allows us to be present with the mobile units in all the neighborhoods around Greece, in order for our contribution to children to be continuous and consistent”.


Significant preventive medical examinations by the OPAP in the Neighborhood program


Free preventive medical examinations for children include:

  • Pediatric clinical examination
  • Dental examination
  • Ophthalmological
  • Otolaryngological tests


Free preventive medical examinations for adults include:

  • Clinical examination (pulmonary & heart auscultation, abdomen palpation and auscultation for screening internal organ’s infections, otoscope tests)
  • Blood pressure, blood sugar concentration and oximetry measurement
  • Dental examination
  • Ophthalmological tests


Useful information by and free contribution via the Contribution Squad OPAP


Useful information concerning the visits’ program of the medical mobile units is provided by OPAP’s Corporate Responsibility website and the Contribution Squad OPAP application. Through the application, everyone can contribute free of charge, by playing entertaining games and collecting points, which OPAP automatically converts into fuel in order for the mobile units to be able to continue their journey around Greece. With everybody’s support, the units have covered 5,190 kilometers, to date.


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