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OPAP, the Grand Sponsor of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee, said farewell to Greek athletes departing on Monday 27 November 2017 for Mexico, where they will participate in the world championships of swimming and powerlifting. For a sixth consecutive year, OPAP is actively supporting the athletes of the strongest team, displaying in practice its support to society and sport.

The special event that was held at the "Eleftherios Venizelos" Athens International Airport, in a climate of excitement and optimism for success and distinctions.

The Executive President of OPAP SA, Kamil Ziegler, stated: "For the last six years, we have stood beside the Hellenic Paralympic Team's athletes, so that they can pursue distinctions and achieve their goals, showing on the world stage the great determination they've accustomed us to. The championships in Mexico are also an opportunity to bring as many people as possible closer to sports, as the hard work, the strength and the character of our athletes are a true source of inspiration. All of us at OPAP are proud to support you and wholeheartedly wish you all the best. Our thoughts and positive energy are with you".

OPAP Chief Customer Officer, Petr Matejovsky, stressed: "We are proud to support the athletes and all those surrounding the Paralympic Committee, in order to follow and make their dreams come true. We wish the team leaving for Mexico today good luck and many medals. As in all their participations worldwide, this time too, we are actively by their side and for us they are all already winners".

On his part, the President of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee, Giorgos Fountoulakis, thanked OPAP for its support and noted: "Our athletes are in great physical and psychological state and the will prove yet again that they are the strongest team in Greece. I am sure they will bring distinctions, because winning medals and distinctions is what they know to do very well".

Paralympic gold medalist in swimming,Dimosthenis Michalentzakisstated: "The whole team will try to do our best to bring as much success as we can".

Powerlifting Paralympic athlete, Constantinos Dimou noted: "I want to thank the Committee's Grand Sponsor, OPAP, which supports our participation in such sporting events. I hope to always have the company by our side, for as many years as it can support and help us make our dreams come true".

At the world swimming championship that will be held in Mexico City from 28 November to 8 December 2017, our country will be represented by the following 14 athletes: Dimitris Karipidis, Ioannis Costakis, Aristedes Makrodimitris, Demosthenes Michalentzakis, Constantinos Karaouzas, Charalambos Taiganidis, Antonios Tsapatakis, Gerasimos Lignos, Alexandra Stamatopoulou, Giorgos Sfaltos, Efthymia Gouli, Apostolos Tsaousis, Giorgos Kapellakis and Maria Tsakona.

The world powerlifting championship will be held from 30 November to 9 December 2017 with the participation of the following 6 athletes: Dimitris Bakochristos, Anastasios Baos, Constantinos Dimou, Nikolaos Goudanis, Paschalis Kouloumoglou and Gremislav Moisiadis.