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OPAP completes 50% of “Aghia Sophia” and “Panagioti & Aglaias Kyriacou” Children’s Hospitals renovation

  • Complete renovation and modernization of Daily Care Unit at “Aghia Sophia” children’s hospital
  • Complete reconstruction of hospital’s Central Sterile Service Department

On Thursday 29 March 2018, OPAP delivered two significant renovation projects at the “Aghia Sophia” children’s hospital. These concern the Daily Care Unit (DCU) and the Central Sterile Service Department of the hospital, as part of the renovation of the “Aghia Sophia” and “Panagioti & Aglaias Kyriacou” Children’s Hospitals.

The President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, honored the inauguration ceremony with his presence, while thanking OPAP for its significant contribution to Greek society and especially children.

The works at the “Aghia Sophia” hospital’s Daily Care Unit, include the complete renovation of the of the surgical complex and all areas of the unit, the creation of a three-bed capacity recovery room, as well as five nursing rooms with a total capacity of 21 beds. As regards the Central Sterile Service Department of the hospital, a full reconstruction was carried out, so that the unit has the appropriate facilities for its proper operation. Furthermore, all areas of the unit were equipped with the latest medical equipment

The President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, characteristically stated: “My presence here marks the recognition on behalf of the State of initiatives like the one developed by OPAP. Its multifaceted activity in the framework of corporate responsibility is well known. But I am also here, present in this very aspect of OPAP’s contribution, because it touches upon a real pillar of the welfare state: It is about Health, the National Health System, and in fact the part of Health that concerns children. We all know how much the crisis, which has plagued and continues to plague the country, has cost the welfare state.

Such initiatives make up for the gaps in state actions in such sensitive sectors to social cohesion. Let us not forget, especially with regard to the two hospitals, the Aghia Sophia and the Aglaia Kyriacou, that this activity for the protection of children and Health is a constitutional imperative. The constitution explicitly imposes this obligation on the State. Unfortunately, as I said earlier, due to the crisis, the gap created is large. And thankfully, the private initiative is bridging this gap.

This is what I want to signify. Besides thanking them, I would like to ask the OPAP officials to continue this significant contribution to Greek society and especially to children. And I wish that there are many more that follow this example.”

After thanking the President of the Republic for his presence at the event, OPAP Executive President, Mr. Kamil Ziegler, characteristically stressed: “This is a very special day for all of us at OPAP – and for me personally. After four years of hard work, we have managed to renovate 50% of Greece’s two largest pediatric hospitals. I would like to thank everyone involved in this ambitious and long-term initiative, which supports in practice Greece’s youth – the country’s most valuable asset for the future. Of course, our work does not stop here. We are fully committed to continue contributing to society, as OPAP has done in its 60-year history”.

OPAP CEO, Mr. Damian Cope, stated: “For 60 years OPAP has been a reliable and credible partner of Greek society. We continue to invest in the important area of Health, implementing initiatives that deliver value and improvements to daily life. The completion of these units today, completes 22 renovations that we have made in children’s hospitals here in Athens, continuing to improve the future of the younger generation. We’ll continue to invest in initiatives like these, brining thousands of children the highest class medical facilities”.

OPAP Chief Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Officer, Mr. Odysseas Christoforou, stressed: “This is a major project and an important contribution to Greek society. I am particularly pleased that the President of the Hellenic Republic honored us with his presence. OPAP continues unhindered its work in society”.

OPAP Chief Customer Officer, Mr. Petr Matejovsky, stated: “I am proud of the results of the renovation of the two largest Pediatric Hospitals in the country. They prove our commitment for the implementation of this specific project, which multiply benefits children”.

On his side, the Joint Governor of the Hospitals, Mr. Emmanuel Papasavvas, underlined: “Two very important sections of the hospital was renovated, as part of the major renovation project that is underway at the two hospitals and in continuing with the OPAP’s great contribution. I want to thank the management of OPAP for our perfect cooperation and its full support. I am absolutely sure that OPAP will be next to us with future initiatives focusing on children".

The new works at the Daily Care Unit and the Central Sterile Service Department of the hospital include the complete modernization of electromechanical installations and air conditioning systems, as well as the supply of the necessary office and accommodation equipment. Furthermore, extensive chromatic and decorative interventions were carried out that create a pleasant medical environment for the young patients.

In the framework of its Corporate Responsibility program, OPAP began the renovation projects at the two hospitals, “Aghia Sophia” and “Panagioti & Aglaias Kyriacou” in April 2014. In total, 22 renovation works have been delivered – including 15 nursing units over a toal of 9,230 sq. meters with a capacity of 321 beds – covering 50% of the two hospitals.