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Great Contribution by OPAP to Health

The two fully renovated floors in Pediatric Hospitals, “Aghia Sofia” and “Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriacou” were delivered

A new page is turning for the country's two most important Pediatric Hospitals, “Aghia Sofia” and “Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriacou”, as today, Wednesday 4 November 2015, the delivery of the two fully renovated floors was carried out by OPAP President and CEO Kamil Ziegler. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Mr. Ieroninos II who conducted the blessing, the Minister of Health Mr. Andreas Xanthos, the President of “Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriacou” Hospital Ms. Marionga Fragaki and the Joint Governor of Interconnected Hospitals Mr. Emmanouil Papasavvas.

A main pillar of OPAP's Corporate Social Responsibility program is Health. In April 2014 OPAP undertook the renovation of hospitals “Aghia Sofia” and “Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriacou”. With the valuable assistance of the Health Ministry and the Management of the Hospitals, the ambitious project is already in full swing. The aim is that upon completion of the project the two specialized public hospitals which serve the needs of children from all over Greece will provide medical and hospital services in modern and high quality facilities.

Specifically, in the two now state of the art floors of the Hospitals, all the necessary building repairs and aesthetic interventions were carried out, complete changing their look. At “Aghia Sofia” Hospital the two Nursing Units covering a total area of 1,800 square meters and a capacity of 50 beds on the 5th floor were renovated, along with the Neonatal Increased Care Unit with a capacity of 50 incubators. At the “Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriacou” Hospital the Nursing Unit on the A' Wing of 3rd floor was renovated with a total area of 550 square meters and a capacity of 34 beds; the central lift was also replaced. Moreover, the office and hotel equipment of both Nursing Units was repaired or partially replaced.

During the handover ceremony, Health Minister Andreas Xanthos, noted: "I want to thank the Management of OPAP, the management of the hospitals and the nursing staff. It's a great day for public health. In an environment with multiple problems and accumulated, unmet needs, a positive development, the possibility of upgrading the infrastructure I think is a good message. As people public health care, as citizens of this country, we are in need in this difficult time for such glimpses of optimism and hope. Days like today keep alive hope and give us the strength to move towards the future."

The President and CEO of OPAP, Kamil Ziegler, said: "We are happy and proud that such an important project for Public Health concerning the most valuable part of the Greek society, the children, is in full swing. Today, we present the first results of our ambitious initiative to renovate the two largest pediatric hospitals in Greece, following our long tradition of social contribution. In a difficult period, OPAP stays true to the values of responsibility and innovation and takes an active role, focusing on initiatives with a significant and substantial impact on society. We believe that with this project "something better starts here" for the children and their families. "

The Joint Governor of Interconnected Hospitals Mr. Emmanouil Papasavvas stated: “We welcome OPAP S.A.’s initiative to undertake the renovation of the Nursing Departments of the Pediatric Hospitals, the first phase of which has already been implemented. And we hope for the continuation of our cooperation in the future with new actions”.

The President of “Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriacou” Hospital Ms. Marionga Fragaki stated: “I express our heartfelt thanks to our major sponsor OPAP and especially Mr. Ziegler. The impressive renovation and decoration we all admired will offer our young patients a more pleasant and functional environment. I believe other sponsors will follow OPAP’s example acting always in accordance with legal procedures and the consent of the Ministry of Health”.