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Applications by 539 small &medium sized businesses for “Business Growth by OPAP” program

Selection process ongoing - Results in January

Fast growing small & medium sized businesses have expressed increased interest in participating in “Business Growth by OPAP” program, aiming to receive integrated support, evolve and create new job positions.

A total of 539 businesses, from all over Greece, applied online to participate in the program which has been designed with the key focus of offering a unique perspective to fast growing small & medium sized businesses, supporting healthy entrepreneurship and innovation in Greece. Currently, the selection process is ongoing and results will be announced in January.

The businesses’ profile

The 539 businesses that applied for “Business Growth by OPAP” have a turnover exceeding 100,000 euros and a growth rate exceeding 20% for the previous two years.

43% of the applicant businesses are located in Attica, 19% in Central Makedonia; while the regions of Crete, Western Greece and Southern Aegean follow.

These SMEs are mainly active in:

  • tourism
  • retail
  • food industry
  • technology

Their needs mostly focus on international development, branding & marketing, and financing.

Facts regarding the age, sex and professional experience of applicants are also interesting:

  • 16% are women
  • Almost 40% are between 30-39 years old
  • Almost 50% have professional experience exceeding 10 years

Significant benefits for businesses

The “Business Growth by OPAP” program was designed provide a unique perspective to developing small & medium sized businesses, so that their growth creates new jobs and their business horizons are broadened.

OPAP's vision is to give new life to the Greek market and thus create a better future for the new generation.

The businesses that will participate in the program will have access to data, information and an important business network, which will help them overcome any obstacles and difficulties and grow big and successful businesses that innovate, export and bring a breath of fresh air to their sector, facilitating the creation of new jobs.

Specifically, the program – which is being implemented in collaboration with “Endeavor” NGO – will offer participating companies:

  • Contact with an important network of successful business people and experienced market executives who will provide advice and guidance in order to help companies overcome problems
  • Training and strategic support in financial management, human resources, branding and communication
  • Access to investment and bank credit
  • Opportunities to expand their activity to foreign markets