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Renovation of “Panagiotis & Aglaias Kyriakou” Children Hospital

In “Panagiotis & Aglaias Kyriakou” Children Hospital we renovated the Nursing Ward of 3rd floor A' Wing, that covers a total area of 550 square meters and has a capacity of 30 beds, the central entrances of the ground floor and first floor, the central staircases and replaced the central elevator. Moreover, we reformed the interior design to create a pleasant environment for children that will support their rehabilitation, in complete accordance with the contemporary medical concepts.

 The main creative concept that will run across the building is the children’s play with moving and dear objects that uplift us from the earthy environment to the clouds.

Therefore in the separate floors of the Hospital, we will develop playful motifs with:

  • Spinning tops, that spin incessantly, in the same way that children energy never
  • Air balloons, that stir children imagination to the sky
  • Balloons, which are the usual way that kids communicate with the sky
  • Kites, that all kids use to send their wishes and messages to above and beyond
  • The rainbow, which is the most friendly and childish phenomenon
  • Flying bikes, exactly like the ones that kids would like to have