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We continue being in the same SQUAD for the children.

OPAP continues improving the quality of life for children in real need, by carrying out infrastructure works for the bodies that support them. Open today app “CONTRIBUTION SQUAD OPAP”, play the challenges and gather as many points as you can; OPAP will turn these points into infrastructure works for “SOS Children's Villages Greece”, “Hatzikyriakio Childcare Institution” and “Love Center of Elefsina”.

Together we bring children’s drawings to life and share Christmas magic with them!

For the fourth year in a row, OPAP invites us all to share Christmas magic with children in real need. Join us, from the 8th to the 31st of December, at OPAP’s Wishing Ornaments galleries, where you can choose the, simple yet important, child’s wish that you want to make come true, and give some magic to the Christmas of our little friends. The Christmas Wishing Ornaments galleries can be found at: The Mall Athens, Athens Metro Mall, River West, in Athens, and Mediterranean Cosmos, in Thessaloniki.