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“ΟPAP Forward”: 21 SMEs in the second phase of the program

Increase in turnover and new jobs for the companies that participated in the first year

Faithful to its strategy of generating value for the Greek economy and society, OPAP implements “OPAP Forward” program for a second consecutive year. The program aims at contributing to the enhancement of entrepreneurship and employment. The 21 developing small and medium-sized companies that have been chosen to participate in the program’s second phase, as well as the results of the first phase, were presented in a special event that took place on Thursday, May 24 2018.

The 21 small and medium-sized companies of “OPAP Forward” program are: ΑGAN, Bioagros SA, DIOPAS SA, EPSA, Ioninki, Makedoniki, Papoutsanis, Coffee Island, Colors, eazybnb,,, Green Family AE, Inart, Macpac SA, Manifest, Medbest S.A., Pelopac, Pitenis, Pobuca and Terra Creta.

The companies represent seven productive and extroverted sectors of Greek economy. In particular, they are active in tourism, retail and wholesale trade, food and beverage industry, technology sector, e-commerce, services, industrial products, and cosmetics. 65% of the companies are located in different regional areas of the country, while 25% of the companies export around 50% of their production.

OPAP CEO, Damian Cope, said: “For 60 years now, OPAP has grown hand in hand with Greece, being a responsible and credible partner for society, economy and sports. Our strategic approach is to create a better future for the new generation, which constitutes the future of the country.  Through "OPAP Forward" program, we effectively support employment and growth, offering unique prospects to dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises. During the first year of the program, more than 2,000 direct and indirect jobs were created, already, while the total turnover of the companies increased by 25 million euros. Today, we are launching the second phase of the program that now includes 40 companies in total”.

1st Vice-President of OPAP, Spyros Fokas, commented: “The business community has responded greatly to OPAP’s initiative. We are very glad that Greek entrepreneurs are showing dynamism and vision, and search for solutions that will help their companies lay solid foundations for their future. Our market needs this kind of mentality to evolve and overcome today's difficult times, responding to the challenges that our economy and our society - especially the new generation – are facing".

ΟPAP Chief Customer Officer, Petr Matejovsky, noted: “We are very pleased by the results of this innovative program. Through 120 hours of strategic guidance, 90 counseling sessions, access to senior executives of the market and partners, as well as 40 contacts with foreign markets, the participating companies have managed to create their own success stories, strengthen their position in international market and thus increase their turnover and create new jobs”.


The first successful phase of “OPAP Forward”

The first phase of the program included: Alvion Pharmaceuticals, Anassa, Bläuel, Cream Team, Diving Status, Doctoranytime, Evrofarma, Koufetopoiia Hatziyannaki, Madame Shoushou, Nannuka, Nanophos, NISOS, Plex.Earth, Pockee, Provertia, Radiki, Roussas Dairy Company, Spotawheel and Tsililis.

With the addition of 21 SMEs, “OPAP Forward” includes now 40 companies in total. The program is implemented with the cooperation of international NGO Endeavor. All companies enjoy specialized and integrated support, as well as access to a network of senior executives of the market that will help them overcome possible obstacles and difficulties, evolving into large and successful companies that innovate, export and make the difference in their industry.

The companies that have participated in the program’s first phase have managed to increase their turnover by 20% (25 mil. Euros). They have also created 111 direct jobs and support 2,236 indirect jobs in total, through relevant synergies.


Integrated support to companies

 The support to participating companies of “OPAP Forward” program, includes:


  • Integrated guidance through a network of successful entrepreneurs and senior executives of the market
  • Training seminars in lines of action, such as strategy, financial management and human resources, marketing and sales, branding and communication
  • Access to financial tools in cooperation with the National Bank
  • Access to international markets
  • Networking Actions with other participants as well as other entrepreneurs


Full information for the 21 new companies that participate in “OPAP Forward” program: