Do you play for the game?

Assessing your gaming behavior can help you make the right decisions about what to do next.

Take the test now and find out if you play for the joy of the game
or if your involvement with gaming has started causing you problems

Think about your behavior over the last 12 months and answer the questions honestly

Take the test now and find out where you’re at:

Have you ever bet more money than you can afford to lose?

Have you ever needed to play with larger amounts
of money to get the same feeling of excitement?

When you lose, do you return another day
to try to win back your money?

Have you borrowed money or sold anything to get money to play?

Have you felt that you have neglected important things
in your daily life because of your preoccupation with gaming?

Has your gaming caused any health problems such as stress, sleeplessness, etc. ?

Have people criticised your gaming or told you that you have
a gaming problem regardless of whether or not you thought it was true?

Has your gaming caused any financial problems to you or your family?

Have you ever felt bad about the way you play or what happens when you play?