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OPAP supports SMEs via its “Business Growth” Program

Applications from 29 September to 4 November 2016

True to its strategy of creating value for Greek society and economy, OPAP announces the launch of the “Business Growth by OPAP” program. The program will provide comprehensive support to developing small & medium size businesses so that their growth can create new jobs and thus strengthen the Greek market.

Specifically, the program – which is being implemented in collaboration with NGO Endeavor – will offer participating companies:

  • Contact with an important network of successful business people and experienced market executives who will provide advice and guidance in order to help companies overcome problems
  • Training and strategic support in financial management, human resources, branding and communication
  • Access to investment and bank credit
  • Opportunities to expand their activity to foreign markets

Referring to the program, OPAP Chief Customer Officer, Mr. Petr Matejovsky, stressed: “Supporting employment and growth is a strategic choice of OPAP and it proves our confidence in the country’s prospects and our commitment to Greek society. We are particularly proud of the “Business Growth by OPAP” program which is the first comprehensive approach in Greece in supporting developing SMEs, the heart of the Greek economy. In a period of many challenges, we are making a start with the vision of helping in their development so that new jobs are created and the Greek market is revitalized”.

Process and selection criteria

The program is aimed at SMEs in all sectors. Special emphasis will be given to those in which Greece maintains a competitive advantage such as tourism, agriculture, the food and beverage industry and sectors with growth potential such as new technologies. Their annual turnover should range from 100,000 euros to 50 million euros and they must employ up to 250 workers.

The selection of companies that will participate will be based on a series of quantitative and qualitative criteria relating to both the company and the businessperson. Following the initial assessment, companies that meet quantitative criteria will participate in the interview phase during which they will be evaluated on issues such as:

  • business strategy
  • innovation
  • potential for future development in accordance with the size of the market in which it operates
  • business model
  • qualitative characteristics of each businessperson

When the interviews are completed, a list of finalist-companies will be formed, from which a final selection of the companies that will participate in the program will be made. Upon completion of the final selection phase and fully ensuring the transparency of the process, all companies participating in the interview phase will be informed of their results and will receive helpful advice for their further development.

The procedure for submission of applications will last from today, 29 September 2016 to Friday, 4 November 2016 (closing at 12:00 PM).

The description of the "Business Growth by OPAP” program and all information on criteria, application process, selection, participation as well as the schedule are available on the OPAP Corporate Social  Responsibility website here.