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125 Amateur Football Academies participate in OPAP S.A. innovative “Sports Academies” program

The selection of the football academies that will participate in OPAP’s innovative “Sports Academies” program was concluded today with the announcement of the 125 academies through the program’s dedicated website,, indicating the beginning of implementation for this exciting project.

This is a holistic, innovative program, which is part of OPAP’s overall CSR strategy, which aims to cultivate to young children principles they will follow throughout their lives, whether they become sport champions or more sport lovers. The program will be implemented through a national network of the selected 125 amateur football academies and will have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of 20.000 parents, 10.000 children of 7-10 years old and 450 coaches. The academies are situated in 48 prefectures, including rather remote and small cities and islands allowing children from literally all over the country to benefit from it.

The participating academies were selected on the basis of a transparent and credible procedure, following the evaluation of specific quantitative and qualitative criteria. During the evaluation procedure, academies were invited to submit online a participation form, based on close-end questions. Also a team of experts visited all academies to confirm the submitted data and evaluate their profile.

A key element of the program is the relevant dedicated website, which will allow coaches ,children and their parents to receive experts’ education, support and information. Moreover a Scientific Team, composed of pediatricians, psychologists and nutritionists, will offer scientific support, directions and advice children, their parents and their coaches, aiming to a better physical and psychological health.

Furthermore, Coaching Team that consists of coaches with great experience in training children 7-10 years old, will organize workshops, visit the academies and participate in trainings, aiming to give proper directions to the academies’ coaches, based on UEFA international standards. An Ambassadors Team, consisting of role model current and former athletes, known for their ethos, will attend the football festivals organized by OPAP and offer valuable advice to children.

The OPAP “Sports Academies” program also place safety as a top priority and for this reason will provide insurance coverage for all children during the trainings and the games, while high quality sport gear will also be provided to ensure high standard training conditions for the children.

This is the first time that a project of such an extent is implemented Greece, focusing on sports education through a holistic and integrated framework, with a long term perspective. OPAP “Sports Academies” program bares an educational, as well as a recreational profile, covering various fields not only related to sports, but also life itself. The goal of the program is to create not only great athletes but also great personalities.