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"Business Growth by OPAP"

20 developing small & medium sized businesses to participate in the program announced

Fresh impetus for Greek market and a better future for entrepreneurship

Faithful to its strategy of generating value for the Greek economy and society, OPAP announced the 20 developing small and medium sized companies that were chosen to participate in the “Business Growth by OPAP” program. OPAP’s vision is to give new life to the Greek market and by extension to create a better future for entrepreneurship. The presentation of the program and the companies participating was made at a special event held Tuesday 4 April 2017 at the Athens Concert Hall.

The 20 developing SMEs participating in the program are: Alvion Pharmaceuticals, Anassa, Bläuel, Cream Team, Diving Status, Doctoranytime, Evrofarma, Koufetopoiia Hatziyannaki, KANAKAS, Madame Shoushou, Nannuka, Nanophos, NISOS, Plex.Earth, Pockee, Provertia , Radiki, Roussas Dairy company, Spotawheel and Tsililis.

These are companies representing production and extroverted sectors of the Greek economy, such as retail, shipping services, food processing, technology, pharmaceuticals, etc. Through the “Business Growth by OPAP” program they will receive comprehensive support and access to a network of more than 70 senior market executives that will help them overcome the challenges they face and to broaden their business horizons in order create jobs through their evolution.

OPAP President, Kamil Ziegler, said: “Over time, OPAP is a vibrant and integral cell of the Greek economy and society. We are proceeding with significant investments, we are implementing an array of projects and we are contributing to the creation and retention of jobs through a strategy that creates value for society, the economy and our company. OPAP’s “bet” is on growth – and we are working hard to achieve it. This is why today is a special day for us as it marks the launch of the “Business Growth by OPAP” program which aims to enhance the prospects of dynamic SMEs”.

OPAP CEO, Damian Cope, noted: “As one of the market leaders and a responsible partner of Greek society we fully recognize the positive impact we can have at a social level through our activity. This is the cornerstone of our strategy in the field of corporate responsibility, which creates significant benefits for many of our social partners across the country. We are proud of our achievements, but at the same time, we seek to raise the bar higher and higher. Believers, therefore, in our strategic goal of creating a better future for the new generation – the future of Greece – we actively support employment and growth through specific actions such as the “Business Growth by OPAP” program we presented today”.

OPAP Chief Customer Officer, Petr Matejovsky, commented: “The mission of the program we are implementing in cooperation with Endeavor Greece is the complete support of developing small & medium size businesses, the backbone of the economy, and to create new job positions. The response of the business community to our call was particularly strong, as more than 500 companies applied for participation. The selection of the 20 companies was based on criteria such as innovation, their business model, the prospects of the business, and the vision of the entrepreneur. This dynamic team will have multiple benefits from the program, beginning with the guidance in key areas of action such as strategy, financial and operations management and even access to financing tools and international markets”.

The CEO of Endeavor Greece, Haris Makriniotis, stated: “We are very proud to be in partnership with OPAP in the “Business Growth by OPAP” program as we believe that the 20 dynamic, developing SMEs selected can transform their sectors and create value for the country. They are companies with significant multiplier effect on the economy and society, which can create a significant number of jobs, and they will be an inspiration to others”.


Integrated support to businesses

The businesses that participate in the “Business Growth by OPAP” program are given access to data and information as well as a significant business network that will help them overcome any obstacles and difficulties encountered and develop into large and successful businesses that innovate, export, change the data in their industry and thereby create new jobs.

Specifically, the program, which is implemented in partnership with the international non-profit organization, Endeavor, provides participating companies with:

Integrated guidance: A network of successful entrepreneurs and senior executives of the market will help companies overcome issues they face. According to the needs and priorities of each business the right mentor will be chosen which will work with them throughout the program.
Training seminars: Each business will receive guidance in key lines of action, such as strategy, financial management and human resources, marketing and sales, branding and communication, through a series of training workshops and meetings. The program will organize eight seminars covering key areas of running a business.
Access to financial tools: Businesses will gain access to a network of investors and, in cooperation with the National Bank, will be able to explore possible financing and loan options with the assistance of bank executives.
Access to international markets: Entrepreneurs interested in international expansion will be informed about the markets that interest them in order to devise a comprehensive strategic plan for further expansion of their business activities.
Networking Actions: Businesses will have numerous opportunities to network with other participants as well as other entrepreneurs, in specially designed events.