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The "Κερkidα OPAP" Initiative

Sports have been a living part of our society through time, whereas sports ideals and sportsmanship can inspire children, teach them principles, help in their integration to social groups, etc. The future of sports, either at a professional level or in terms of fans, may be improved only with the active participation of children and young people.

This is the philosophy in which OPAP, a standing supporter of sports, is investing in, by creating the “Κερkidα OPAP” program. The program aims at attracting more children to fields and courts, by promoting, at the same time, sports as a main entertainment option for the whole family.

Stay tuned for the next actions and activities of the “Κερkidα OPAP” program

How to participate

Extra Experiences

Junior Journalists

Do you want your child to interview their favourite player?

Play on the Pitch

Once a month, a child, along with his friends, will be able to play football or basketball at the court/field, during halftime!

Family Days

Celebrate your child’s birthday & watch the game from the suite of your favourite team! “Κερkidα OPAP” offers a special birthday to your child, at the suite of their favourite team!

Visit a training centre

Give your child the chance to spend one day with the players of their favourite team at their training centre!

Trip to Europe

Do you want to follow, along with your child, your favourite team at an “away game” abroad?

Wishes do come true for our little friends!

“Κερkidα OPAP”, in collaboration with an organization, fulfills children’s wishes to attend their favourite team’s game, and spend time with their favourite player!

“Κερkidα OPAP” is full of music!

Music School students will participate in “Κερkidα OPAP”, playing music from a stand of the court/stadium, giving a different sense to the atmosphere!

Become a young… sportscaster!

One child will have the chance to watch a game from the journalists’ seats, along with the sportscasters broadcasting it.

Become a young… game organizer!

Children accompany professionals & help them to properly organize a game!

Players’ gifts!

After the end of a game, a child will have the chance to get a personal object of their favourite player!

“The most favourite player of Κερkidα OPAP”

Vote for your favourite player, and give him a T-Shirt full of wished from the children of “Κερkidα OPAP”!

Live the “Κερkidα OPAP” experience

"Κερkidα ΟΠΑΠ" at the games of the clubs:

A.E.K. F.C.